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Learn to play Bola QQBola88 slowly step by step if you want to master and conquer this game for the better victory you wanted from this game.

Big and Small Blind in Bola QQ bola88

To get the best victory, don’t just let your luck do its work because you need to learn the game step by step from the simplest thing to the hardest one. Once you know about Bola QQBola88,then try competing with other players just to know how much improvement you make in this game. For some beginners, it may look complicated and they perhaps need so much time just to master it but you are wrong.

What are Big and Small Blind in Bola QQBola88

Every player inside the Bola QQBola88 room will be dealt with 2 hole cards or you may say it as starting hands from dealer after shuffling. Dealer will distribute two cards each in closed position. It means, other players will never know about your cards. The only one who will know it is you. Make sure other players can’t see them at all and the way you hold the cards is basically depending on you. In this game, while distributing the cards, one player will be the big blind and beside him will be the small blind.

Big blind is the bet one player should do based on the nominal. Once the big blind comes to one player, he must do the bet first and he needs to show the bet before the cards are finished to distribute. All players there will get their turns to be the big blind.

Meanwhile, the small blind must place the best half-less from big blind. When the small blind holder gets the card, he can choose to go on or fold and this is the basic you need to know about Bola QQBola88.