Sbobet Queen

Sbobet Queen

The WSOP changes from years to years before it becomes the most sensational and popular Bola Sbobet tournament in the world.

Bola bandar Sbobet Increased More Because The Satellite Tournaments
During the early years of WSOP in 1980s, Jack Binion had to run so many casinos from Benny Binion, his father. However, Jack’s protégé which was Eric Drache brought Bola Sbobet to the next level with the new concept of satellite which was born in 1983.

It was needed to make players filled the seats and this satellite will allow the champions before to come again in reclaiming again their victory.

The Bola Sbobet Satellite Tournaments
The idea of satellite tournaments were genius and it worked already for so many years. The Bola Sbobet tournament then continued to increase and grow both stature and size.

By 1987, the Horseshoe Casino became big enough to host the global gambling and other casinos were Four Queen and Golden Nugget. At the moment, Binion family took over and purchased the Mint Casino.

The result was, Horseshoe which was on the next door opened full time for the room to play card game. It seemed that Horseshoe became the capital of this card game universe and Benny Binion was the king since he was the one who had the most contribution and sadly, in 1989, he died on Christmas Day.

Though the father of Bola Sbobet is already died forever, his contribution and also his name will never be forgotten by those who love this game so much and want to be like him.